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4.5 OUT OF 5

With good look and pro endorsement, Deity TMAC flat pedals deliver rock-solid trail connection coupled with excellent performance. The only slight downsides are that the large platform can reduce clearance and the price, but it’s worth that premium.

Built with 6061 T6 Aluminium, the TMAC is the largest pedal Deity has produced to date. The platform is 110mm x 105mm and has a very pronounced concave profile, with a 2.5mm drop in the centre. Its also pretty skinny at 14mm at the centre from 20mm at the outside.

The pedal platform size gives ample area for plenty of pins, that are applied with Loctite. They were tricky to remove if they’d been grounded on rocks as they use the internal allen bolt to remove. Pliers got them out in this instance. There’s a full set of pins included.

The TMACs are the most secure feeling pedals I’ve ridden. Coupled with my preferred trail shoe, they gave a super solid feel, over roots and rocks and provided an excellent feel to the trail, with the confidence to push against them and move the bike weight as needed, with no fear of foot movement or slipping. Even riding them with a less grippy trail shoe, with a stiffer sole, the pedal had a tenacious grip.

The work effectively when airborne and jumping, the level of traction for bunny hops is helpful, and when landing the foot is well supported and you can push into them as you land with confidence. By only slight issue is that pedalling up tight, steep, narrow trails, I did catch the pedal at times. This is most likely down to the width, height at the outer edge that creates the deep concave platform coupled with the square edge. A little bit more care and refinement in riding reduced this, but its a trade-off for the grip.

They’ve happily shrugged off rock knocks, root and stump clouts and so on, and the fairly low stack means they don't often hook up in lumpy terrain or narrow gaps. Climbing with them was rewarding, as the pedal has the area to push fully into, and the grip helps with the upstroke, and whilst not clip level, they feel more attached all the way through the crank revolution.

The pedal shape is also not offset - this is intended to add foot support and stability, which it does, and the size of the pedal area allows for a variety of foot placement whilst maintaining a solid grip whilst riding. The spindle is a strong Cr-Mo which allows attachment with a 15mm spanner or 8mm Allen key.

The build quality is very good - there is a load distribution system to prevent the bearings from getting hammered and the combination of sealed bearings and DU bushings keep the pedals spinning reliably. The initially felt a little slow to spin but settled in over a few rides. They are serviceable when needed.

Weight-wise, at 410g, they aren't the lightest but with the size and performance, they are quite light enough without sacrificing strength or compromising on how they work.

The only downside is the high-end price. The performance is right up there with others, but it's still a significant outlay, though worth it in my opinion. They are available in a multitude of colours: Black, Brown, Silver, Orange, Blue, Red, Green and Purple.