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Our intention with Reverb AXS™ was inventive and pure: No hoses. No routing. No energy wasted. Not a single thing in the way of the experience. We created a reliable wireless-electronic dropper post and controller that actuates with drastically less effort and zero distraction. Expanding what’s possible on a bike, Reverb AXS™ is enabled by SRAM AXS™ technology, a new level of interaction, personalization, and connectivity across all AXS™ enabled components.


  • NEW Features Vent Valve Technology for super simple service if the need arises without any disassembly of the post
  • NEW Lower friction IFP allows for faster actuation of the post and less force needed
  • AXS™ Technology allowing for customization to an individual rider’s liking via the AXS™ Mobile App
  • Includes AXS™ handlebar controller and battery
  • Shared battery with all other SRAM AXS™ enabled components
  • System is completely water and dust proof to IP69K

Sizes Available:

  • 30.9MM X 340MM 100MM
  • 30.9MM X 390MM 125MM
  • 30.9MM X 440MM 150MM
  • 30.9MM X 480MM 170MM
  • 31.6MM X 340MM 100MM
  • 31.6MM X 390MM 125MM
  • 31.6MM X 440MM 150MM
  • 31.6MM X 480MM 170MM
  • 34.9MM X 340MM 100MM
  • 34.9MM X 390MM 125MM
  • 34.9MM X 440MM 150MM
  • 34.9MM X 480MM 170MM

Colours Available: