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Car & Bike Protector

RIDE SHIELD is a bike and car protector, for use when transporting your bike inside your car.

Constructed from padded water-repellent toughened nylon, RIDE SHIELD keeps your car interior clean from oil, grease and mud while the trunk lip cover prevents paintwork scratch to your bike or car when loading and unloading.

When you leave your bike unattended in a parked car, RIDE SHIELD’s integrated security cover and large storage pockets keep your bike and gear out of sight, giving you complete peace of mind to enjoy your ride.

Features & Benefits

  • Padded protection prevents damage to vehicle
  • Security cover shields bike from view
  • Wheel holder prevents rattle and scratching of bike
  • Self-sealing storage pocket for equipment and gear
  • Durable, water repellent, UV resistant
  • Fits all car types

Colours Available: