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ZyroFisher brands feature in Road.cc best cycling accessories for 2018/19

Cateye Volt 800 Front Light 

Cat Eye Volt 800 front lightThe Volt 800 is a winner! It impresses with a compact single LED barrel profile, 800 lumens of potential output on static, a wide beam profile, with a selection of three useful flashing/strobe settings for use when being seen is more important than seeing where you're going.

Cateye's build quality is also up there with the best and this light is easy to fit to your handlebar.

Bell Stratus Mips Helmet 

The Bell Stratus MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) Helmet is high quality and comfortable with a great fit. Adjustment is simple with a large wheel to click at the back, and you get height adjustment too

The MIPS insert is closely matched to slots in the helmet shell so there's no restriction to airflow over the scalp, with space between the helmet and the insert allowing plenty of room for air to get in (and out).

Out on the road, the Stratus MIPs feels light and unobtrusive. If comfort is very important to you, and if you've had problems finding a helmet that sits well, the Stratus will be worth a test fitting.

WD-40 Bike Degreaser 

WD-40 Bike DegreaserA good solvent is a worktop essential, and WD-40's Bike Degreaser does a great job at a sensible price.

WD-40 degreaser is a high-pressure, volatile spray that liquefies oil, dirt and grime and flushes it right off the component of your choice.

This kind of high-speed spray is beloved by bike mechanics for its ability to clean out hard-to-reach places, such as inside rear mechs, behind chainrings and in between sprockets. It evaporates quickly too, which means you can re-lubricate components pretty quickly after use, and it's great value.