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DEITY Launches Full 35mm Carbon and Aluminum Handlebar Line

The goal at DEITY is to design, develop and manufacture industry leading contact points and at the top of that list are handlebars. DEITY are proud to debut a comprehensive series of 35mm oversized Carbon and Aluminum Handlebars that have been a labor of love for the brand and are the perfect match to their established and renowned 31.8mm models.

Featuring a range of flex and deflection matching the 31.8mm counterparts, creating a line of 35mm models that have that “DEITY feel” was not an easy task. In fact, it took years.

Notoriously known for being overly stiff and unforgiving, the 35mm "standard" has taken over the handlebar industry over the past years and many may wonder why the brand were so late to the party in offering a deep range of 35mm options.

DEITY believe in making every product they offer count and to do it right can take time, many revisions that never see the light of day, and testing protocols that they believe are the benchmark.

For DEITY, it is all about the feel of a handlebar. Having stiffness in the correct points to aid in front wheel tracking, but allowing the bar to have enough flex and range of deflection to keep you on the bike for the entire day. The goal with the new 35mm Carbon and Aluminum Handlebars was to achieve that proper balance of realistic weight, compliance, strength, fit and finish, and a feel indicative to the DEITY brand.