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Set of 77 Tools for Shadow Board.  The Cyclo tool shadow board is the perfect solution to keep your tools and workstation tidy and organised. The shadow board is included free when this full set of tools is purchased.

  • Flexible Vinyl poster 100 x 167cm - requires fixing to a wooden panel (not supplied) or solid wall surface so that the hooks and fixings can be made secure
  • Supplied with all the clips, hooks & fasteners necessary to correctly hang the illustrated tools
  • Shadow board is available with and without tools.                  

Tool set contents:     Cable Cutter,  Inner Wire Plier,    Torque Wrench 2-20 Nm,   25/32mm Sockets & 1/2” - 3/8” Adaptor,   Triple Spoke Key,   Hexagonal Ball End Key Wrench Set (8),   Truvativ Isis Shimano 9 Speed Remover,   Freewheel Remover, Shimano Fit (UG),   Freewheel & Bottom Bracket Remover - Campag Fit,   Bottom Bracket Cartridge Tool - Shimano Fit,   BMX 4 Peg Freewheel Remover,   Bottom Bracket Remover - Campag, SKF, FAG Fit,  Suntour / Shimano Double Ended 2 Peg Remover,   Cotterless Crank Extractor + Handle (Splined / Square Taper),   Shimano Hollowtech II BTM Bracket Tool,   15mm Pedal / 36mm B/Bracket Fixed Cup Spanner,   32mm Head / Bottom Bracket Adjustable Cup Spanner,   Bottom Bracket Cup / 24mm Lockring Spanner,   31/33mm Oversize Headset Spanner,   34/35mm Oversize Headset Spanner,  32/36mm Oversize Headset Spanner,   30/32mm Oversize Headset Spanner,   Forged Pedal Spanner (15/15mm),   13mm Single Head Cone Spanner,   14mm Single Head Cone Spanner,   15mm Single Head Cone Spanner,   16mm Single Head Cone Spanner,   17mm Single Head Cone Spanner,   18mm Single Head Cone Spanner,   19mm Single Head Cone Spanner,   Sprocket Remover (5, 6, 7, & 8 Speed),   Sprocket Remover (9 & 10 Speed),   Cassette Lock Ring Tool Shim HG  ,   Spoke RulerWorkshop Chain Rivet Extractor,   Chain Wear Indicator,   Slip Joint Pliers,   Circlip Pliers,  Long Nose Pliers,   Linesmans Pliers,   Rubber Mallet,   Locksmith Hammer,   Philips Screwdriver (0x75),   Philips Screwdriver (1x100),   Philips Screwdriver (2x125),   Flat Screwdriver (3.2x75),   Flat Screwdriver (4x100),   Flat Screwdriver (5x125),   Flat Screwdriver (6x250),   Socket Heads (4, 5, 6 & 8mm),   6mm Open/Ring Spanner,   7mm Open/Ring Spanner,   8mm Open/Ring Spanner,   9mm Open/Ring Spanner,   10mm Open/Ring Spanner,   11mm Open/Ring Spanner,   12mm Open/Ring Spanner,   13mm Open/Ring Spanner,   14mm Open/Ring Spanner,   15mm Open/Ring Spanner,   16mm Open/Ring Spanner,  17mm Open/Ring Spanner,  18mm Open/Ring Spanner,  19mm Open/Ring Spanner,  20mm Open/Ring Spanner,  21mm Open/Ring Spanner,  22mm Open/Ring Spanner,  23mm Open/Ring Spanner,  24mm Open/Ring Spanner,  25mm Open/Ring Spanner,  26mm Open/Ring Spanner,   Round File,   Half Round File, Flat File,   Vernier Calliper, Suntour / Shimano Double Ended 4 Peg Remover