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Buy 3 Die Drawn Workshop Gear/Brake Cable Packs and get a Gear Outer Casing AND a Brake Outer Casing absolutely free!

1 x Clarks Stainless Steel Road Die Drawn Brake Inner (Box of 100)
1 x Clarks Stainless Steel MTB Die Drawn Brake Inner (Box of 100)
1 x Clarks Stainless Steel Die Drawn Gear Inner (Box of 100)
1 x Clarks Outer Gear Casing (box/30m) FREE
1 x Clarks Outer Brake Casing (box/30m) FREE

Clarks Die Drawn
Die drawn wires offer a superbly smooth surface over standard wires, this is a achieved by a process of micro hammering the front end of the wire, this is then inserted into a drawing die and the wire is then pulled through the draw plates multiple times creating an ultra-smooth wire surface. Die drawn wires reduce the friction between wire and liner by up to 38% over a standard wire, resulting in better performance and smooth operation.

Clarks Workshop Cables
Clarks offer a wide range of brake cabling in bulk options. If you have a busy workshop, and have lots of repairs lined up - let Clarks provide a workshop solution for you. Ranging from outer cables to wire end covers. Workshop solutions are also available in disc pads and gear cabling so please turn to relevant sections in our catalogue to explore the ranges.