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Bell Helmets, a company that since 1954 has delivered purpose-built helmets marked by industry-leading design and performance technologies, have announced the addition of the MIPS Brain Protection System and ICEdot Emergency Identification and Notification Service across several of its helmets. These additions mark yet another measure the company is taking to ensure its helmets offer a comprehensive range of design and safety technologies. 

As head protection leaders, Bell is dedicated to bringing advanced safety technologies to its helmets to give riders the confidence to push personal limits and achieve their best.  The addition of these technologies can help riders not only during, but also after an impact.

  • Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS): Bell adds an industry-leading protection technology that seeks to reduce rotational acceleration to the head from angled impacts with MIPS. This technology uses a low friction slip plane and elastomeric retention system designed to rotate inside the helmet to absorb rotational energy, potentially reducing the amount of energy transferred to the head.
  • ICEdot: This innovative digital service adds an extra level of protection after an impact has occured by providing first responders access to pre-designated emergency contact and personal health information. A sticker on the helmet with a unique code links to a secure online profile via SMS/Text, allowing first responders to retrieve emergency information stored in the user’s ICEdot profile.