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The 795 AEROLIGHT is the consummate example of a completely integrated bicycle. To create it, we extracted everything possible from our 30 years of experience of working with carbon; 10 of those 30 years were dedicated to specific research, lead by our own engineering department.

The result is incredible, a bicycle that is both aerodynamic and ultralight.

1.5k carbon frame made with NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) certified tubes, AEROSTEM angle adjustable carbon stem, ZED3 carbon monobloc crankset, E-POST 2 with integrated Di2 battery, 100% integrated brakes and cable routing…The 795 AEROLIGHT is the bicycle which launches the largest concentration of the newest technologies. 836 pieces of carbon and 54 hours of hand-made manufacturing were necessary to craft this racing machine.


With the entirety of its components being integrated, the 795 – and particularly the 795 Aerolight, with its incorporated brakes, pushes performance limits even further.

The 795 Aerolight provides an 11% aerodynamic increase when compared to a classic road bike. A distance of 100km, on a flat course, with an average power of 300W, would represent a gain of 1’14.


Designing a bicycle at LOOK does not mean building a frame, then the components.

The creation of a LOOK carbon bicycle is seen as a whole, where the components are thought out and crafted to blend with the frame.

Each element that is connected to the frame must be able to improve the performance of the bicycle. From this integration has come an elegant design and the fluid lines that LOOK knows how to master.


100% carbon monobloc crankset with unequaled weight/stiffness ratio. The length of the crank arms is adjustable thanks to a tri-lobed nut. The ZED 3 crank is aerodynamic, very rigid and extremely light: 360g (bottom bracket+axle+carbon spider-without chainrings).

Variable lenght: 170mm to 172 or 175mm


The LOOK E-Post 2 is an integrated seatpost. For this second generation of E-Posts, many factors have been improved such as its aerodynamic NACA* certified profile, weight (only 139gr) and even the ease of adjustability: The seatpost installs quickly into the frame, a trademarked LOOK tightening system locks the seatpost in place in only a ½ turn with a 4mm Allen.

The E-POST 2 seatpost is Di2 compatible.


The AEROSTEM is made of HM carbon. It is Aerodynamic and may be inverted, offering a large amount of versatility. Its range varies from -13° and +17°, allowing cyclists to achieve the lowest to highest positions: Six lengths are available, from 80mm to 130mm, in 10mm increments.

Rigid, it provides an excellent piloting position. Weighing a meager 149g, the AEROSTEM is an excellent choice for a lightweight stem.


LOOK drew inspiration from its track handlebar when designing the ADH (Aerodynamic Design Handlebar) handlebar. The drop of this handlebar is reduced as much as possible. The position difference between the tops and drops of the bar is less than that of a traditional handlebar.

Its aerodynamic and ergonomic shape provide an excellent grasp. Made of 100% HM carbon, it tips the scale at a mere 250g (size 42). The ultra compact ADH handlebar is available in 3 sizes: 38cm / 40cm / 42cm / 44cm (center to center).


Keeping aerodynamics in mind, LOOK integrated its trademarked V-style front brake into the fork itself.


Sizes Available:

  • M

Colours Available: