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Alpinestars MTB Trail Attack Race Day Report

Sunday 18th June saw the inaugural Alpinestars MTB Trail Attack event take place in Hamsterley Forest. A new format based loosely off motosports time attack, saw riders have as many runs down the trail as they could get in each round, aiming to get into the final shootout. With registration opening up at 08:00, riders had a few hours to collect their number boards, timing chips and free Alpinestars t-shirts while still getting a few practice runs in too.


With Round 1 kicking off in sweltering conditions, 200 riders headed up the hill in order to get their race day started. Riders had 3 hours to get as many or as few runs as they felt they needed and straight from the off it was evident riders were giving it their all. The first set of timed results came in half way through the session and it was abundantly apparent this was a serious affair for many. End of Round 1 saw the field cut down to 100 riders for round 2.


Round 2 saw the slate wiped clean for the 100 riders who got through and they had an hour to set their new best time. The blazing sun and scorching conditions just saw riders empty themselves even more in their bid to make the final, where the field would be halved again.


The final shoot out saw 50 riders get an hour to set their best time for the overall, this time though riders had the privilege of an uplift provided by Danny Hart’s Descend Bike Park. The final runs had riders pushing it right to the limits, while trying to manage their fatigue from the previous two rounds. There were more than a few scares for riders, especially as they got into the bottom third of the track. 17:30 was the final cut-off, with riders then gathering in finish area to await the final results.


IMG 8483

The podium celebrations featured 5 different categories as well as the overall. A rider’s best time of the day, regardless of round, were counted towards their category result and round three results to the overall. Podiums of each category were awarded custom made Alpinestars Trophies with £150, £100 and £50 vouchers respectively for each podium spot.

IMG 8609

IMG 8624


13-17 Boys

1. Josh NOBLE 3:38.25
2. Oli BLENKINSOP 3:41.35
3. Thomas MELLOWS 3:42.70

18-29 Men

1. Sean LUKE  3:29.20
2. Kian KENDALL  3:42.05
3. Jonathan NICHOLSON  3:44.65

30-44 Men

1. Sean ROBINSON  3:28.35
2. Paul FLETCHER  3:36.05
3. David STONEHOUSE 3:37.70

45+ Men

1. Steve MELVILLE  3:42.85
2. Mark HARRISON  3:44.90
3. Paul MEILLAM  3:48.15


1. Kristina LIGHTBURN 4:28.50
2. Michaela TIERNAN 4:30.35
3. Laura HUDSON  4:40.40


1. Sean ROBINSON  3:28.35
2. Sean LUKE  3:32.10
3. Paul FLETCHER  3:36.05

Watch the race video here: